As a registered dietitian who specializes in eating disorders and body image issues, I am happy to have found Jill’s yoga classes because I know that when I refer my clients to her, they will be cared for well. She meets her students where they are and relieves their intimidation by making them feel comfortable and reassured that they are capable.
— Teran Guyton Moon, MS, RDN, LDN
I love it when I finish a long run and head to Jill’s class. It helps me stretch, build strength, work on my breathing, and unwind. It also helps me prevent running injuries. Jill really gets to know her clients and what they need. The adjustments she suggests and or helps with are perfect. She also ensures to help protect you in poses by explaining the main purpose of the pose as well as proper form no matter your flexibility. I only wish I lived closer and could attend more often!
— Shanda Mattis
The mark of a good teacher is when her classes are filled with other teachers who choose to be her students! Having practiced yoga for eight years and taught it for the past four, I know that Jill is truly exceptional. Not only is she warm, approachable, encouraging, and personable, but she is also an extremely knowledgeable and accomplished teacher. She has an expansive understanding of yoga anatomy, and is always available to help her students make modifications and adjustments as needed—or push her students who are ready to take their practice to the next level. She does an amazing job of making both advanced practitioners and absolute beginners feel right at ease in her classes. It is a beautiful thing when you can give up an hour of your week to an experienced and trustworthy teacher, whom you are confident will take amazing care of you during your yoga practice. Jill is truly an inspiration and I can’t recommend her classes highly enough!
— Briana A.
I’m a distance runner who mounted up injuries that would have made any reasonable person go find an elliptical machine. I knew yoga would be good for me, but I always felt out of place. Weird music, strange breathing, feeling terrible about my body differences, and some barf-worthy pseudo-physiology made yoga something I avoided. Shouldn’t working out be fun? Then, I found Jill’s classes and have never looked back. Jill infuses her joy of life into getting healthy and fit. You’ll laugh, dance, and somehow, get back to touching those elusive toes. Who knew these hamstrings could stretch again? Oh, and those running injuries? Pretty much gone.
— Lauren Chiles, M.D.
When I began yoga I was among those who viewed it as glorified stretching. I went into it completely blind to the fact that I would fall in love with every aspect of its nature and work my body in ways I never knew possible. However, a vital part to developing your practice is finding an instructor who utilizes each pose to maximize your physical and mental performance. Every class that Jill teaches challenges me in a different way, and my practice would not be where it is today without her unending well of inspiration!
— Shannon Menestrina
I love Jill - she is the best instructor, and has really helped me to improve on my yoga skills. She makes coming to yoga class fun & informative. Jill has the best smile to brighten anyone’s day, and gives great encouragement to push me to have better poses along with trying difficult poses I never thought I could accomplish! She is a wonderful person with a one-of-a-kind personality.
— Lori Sexton
Jill has made such a profound impact on my physical, spiritual and emotional health. I had spinal fusion in 2010 and really had to overcome a fear to start Yoga classes and begin to strengthen my spine and my overall health. Jill immediately put those fears to rest with her fun, professional and strenuous yoga classes. She has a way of getting the most out of me with her positive attitude and her classes are something that I look forward to several times a week. I highly recommend her!
— Ryan Burrell
I have always been a workout junkie and am always up for trying new things. A friend of mine introduced me to Real Hot Yoga and also to Jill! My first class with Jill was AWESOME! I couldn’t stop telling everyone I knew about how much I loved the class! Jill does an amazing job of challenging you to get outside your comfort zone, to go for more, but also knows how to make it fun for everyone, ranging from beginners to hard core workout junkies! She pushed me to dig deeper and I was able to become a better athlete both mentally and physically, in just 5 weeks! I would definitely recommend Jill to anyone and everyone!
— Arin Anderson
I have been an educator for many years and have always believed that the best teachers are those who make learning accessible for every student, not just the ones who always excel. This describes Jill to a T! Jill knows her students and provides challenge for each one. She encourages me to push myself, trying poses that I never thought were possible. Not only are her classes challenging, Jill does a fabulous job of building camaraderie in the group. I always leave Jill’s practices in a better place physically and mentally!
— Sarah Bast
Up until July of 2013, yoga was merely a way to gain flexibility in my post-athletic career. I showed up, stretched, balanced on one leg, and left…until Jill rocked my world! Not only did she transform the way I practiced yoga physically, but she spiritually and emotionally created a passionate, mindful person out of me. Jill opened my eyes to the concept of acceptance. Her non-judgmental and approachable attitude toward each and every individual she comes in contact with is truly unique. Her energy is radiant, and from the moment I plopped my lululemon clad-self in her class, I have fully accepted and bought into becoming the most humble version of myself that is divinely possible. You are who you surround yourself with, and if I am half as loving and sincere as Jill is in my own personal life, I will be forever grateful. She is a true gem in the Knoxville community, and her consistent presence in my life reminds me to always focus on the truth…and that is to be fully present and seek peace within ourselves.
— Caroline Burckle
I have been practicing yoga for about 4 years, and I can honestly say that Jill is my all-time favorite instructor. Every time I take a class with Jill, I walk away feeling content, strong, and energized. She has a way of connecting with each person in the room and making them feel comfortable. No matter what your skill level or what class she is teaching (beginner, intermediate, or advanced), Jill can not only teach you, but challenge you. Over the past year, my practice has grown leaps and bounds, and I truly give the credit to Jill! She has inspired me to make yoga a part of my life - not just a part of my workout schedule - and I am so grateful for that.
— Kelly Kraiss
From the stunning website pictures, it’s easy to see what a beautiful person Jill is. However, her external beauty is just a small piece of who she is. She has such immense beauty in her soul. I started taking yoga instruction from Jill even before she completed her teacher training, and not only did I feel an immediate connection with her, but I could tell right away that she was a natural “teacher”. Jill has not just stayed satisfied with her initial study of yoga, but has continuously looked for new ways to express and access poses over the years, and always shares them with her students. She’s a very skilled practitioner in her own right, however she always makes everyone feel free to try new poses in a supportive way-with laughter and smiles. She makes you feel comfortable to truly “practice” yoga, no matter what your skill level is, and always encourages you to find YOUR best self in your practice. I always finish a class with Jill feeling more positive and empowered than when I started. I wouldn’t hesitate to tell anyone, whether brand new to yoga, or a seasoned yogi, to take classes with Jill. She kicks asana!!
— Amanda Jung

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