My New Year's Wishes for You

Happy New Year, yogis! One of my resolutions for 2016 is to write blog posts on a regular basis. I was terribly sporadic with them last year. Since Thursday is usually my day off, I’m resolving to do them once a week on that day, starting today. Here I go! Y’all hold me to it.

You’re probably thinking this might be one of those “new year, new you,” “try yoga in 2016,” or “resolve to get fit and healthy” posts, but no. I’m not into bullying people. You can make your own decisions.

This post is more for those of you I already see in class all the time, those of you who have already taken the leap and started on the journey that is a yoga practice.

I have a wish-list of sorts for you, my beloved students, little nuggets I wish I could impart to you telepathically while I walk around in class. Because I can see the doubt, the fear, the frustration in your eyes sometimes, and I want to make it better.

Here’s hoping these wishes may offer you a little inspiration in the new year to dig deeper in your practice, and to find more peace on and off your mat:

  1. I wish you could see how amazing you look in that pose. Seriously. I know you pick the spot farthest away from the mirror, and maybe you think you’re the most awkward person in the room. But in that moment when you let go and breathe and trust your body, it is a beautiful thing to witness. Go home a take a yoga selfie right now!

  2. I wish you knew how much I admire you just for showing up.

  3. I wish you could see where you will be in your practice a year from now if you keep showing up. You won’t believe the difference. And I’m not just talking hamstrings.

  4. I wish you would believe in yourself enough to try that crazy pose you think you can’t do. I believe you can do it. Maybe not today, but you have to start somewhere.

  5. I wish you allowed for more space in your practice to go easy sometimes. Skip a chaturanga here and there. Rest in child’s pose. Use a block in half-moon. Drop a knee in side plank. It can be so liberating to NOT go ALL OUT ALL THE TIME.

Here’s to You! And to many wonderful practices together in 2016! Cheers!